If you have a green thumb, or want to develop one, and you live in Maricopa County, you have come to the right place! Check back on this website regularly to find Community Gardens near you, local gardening events and workshops, as well as information about how to grow the healthiest plants all year round!

Are you involved in a community garden within Maricopa County, AZ?! Connect with us! Our mission is to build a community garden network to support the gardens popping up all over the greater Phoenix area. We look forward to connecting with you! Keep all of Maricopa County up to date with the progress, successes and teachable moments in your community garden!

Feel Free to navigate through the Menu above to find more information about this organization, photo galleries, blog posts, helpful resources for gardening in Maricopa County and MORE!

May all your flowers bloom and all your veggies ripen~*

email: communitygardenersmc@gmail.com

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